Collection: Garden of the Gods Park Packing List

Get ready for gorgeous views, a variety of paved and unpaved trails, rock climbing, and more! This packing list will help you gear up for a trip to the Garden of the Gods Park in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What's on the list?

  • Water bottles & dishes. High elevation plus temperature variations mean that you and your dog will need to have plenty of water available.  Refillable water bottles and travel dishes for drinking are a must.
  • Hands-free leash & accessories such as poo bag holder and LED flashlight. 
  • Backpacks to carry gear and supplies.
  • Cooling vest to help keep your dog safe in the summer sun.
  • Beautiful collars that accentuate the landscape, which is filled with red rocks and bright blue skies.
  • Paw wax to treat paws before and after the hike. Musher's Secret provides a barrier against sand and soothes paws after heavy activity.
  • Tug toys! There's a dog park nearby so be sure to take something fun for play time!!!

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