• Dog backpacks

    Your hiking buddy can help carry! Dog backpacks are a great solution for a little extra storage space. A backpack also gives your dog a job to focus on and a burns some extra energy while out on a walk or hike.

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  • High-vis gear

    Stay visible at dawn & dusk with high-vis gear. Also helps dogs with light colored fur/hair stand out against the snow!

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  • Clean up

    Rainy spring weather = muddy paths and yards. Grab some handy cleaning gear to clean up before coming back inside or getting into the vehicle.

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  • Trail tested gear

    We carefully select our products and take them out on the trails with our dog. This helps us understand our products and make informed recommendations for your needs.

  • Giving back

    We donate a % of every sale to support dog rescues and trail conservation organizations.

  • We ♥ our customers

    We are passionate about taking good care of dogs and their people. We're here to help you get the most out of the time you spend with your canine companions.