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    We have shampoo options for dogs with sensitive skin, waterless shampoo, shine & detangling sprays, and more.

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  • Oxyfresh fresh breath dog dental gel tube shown in foreground, white bathroom in background.

    Oral care for dogs

    Regularly brusing your dog's teeth is the most effective dental care. This odor-free, taste-free pet dental gel helps keep teeth clean and fresh.

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  • Puppy with a jar of Pet head oatmeal paw butter for healing dry, cracked paws.

    Paw care

    Treat dry, cracked paws with this silky paw butter. It's safe to lick, smells wonderful, and helps soothe and heal the most active paws.

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  • Dog lying in sand. In the foreground is a tub of musher's secret dog paw wax. Musher's secret offers protection from hot surfaces and sand, and soothes paws after a day on the beach.

    Musher's Secret Paw Wax

    Musher’s Secret was first conceived as a solution for cold weather damage to skin and paws. It is now used year-round as a protect-and-treat staple item that's safe for your pet AND won't stain floors or clothing after it's absorbed.

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  • Natural dog paw protection wax tube in foreground. Dog holding a green ball in mouth is walking on a sidewalk in the background.

    Paw Protection Stick

    This paw wax soothes dry, cracked and chapped paws & noses. Protect paws from salt damage in winter and hot surfaces in warm weather. Great for hot spots or itchy spots on skin. 

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  • I love pet head paw and body wipes shown in the foreground.  Cute cockapoo dog wearing a red dog harness and sitting on a wooden bench in the background.

    Quick clean with paw wipes

    Paw wipes are perfect for a quick clean up. Take off most of the dirt and mud before riding home or going into the house with these handy paw & body wipes.

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