• Close up view of a red Baydog Chesapeake no-pull dog harness on a medium size shiba inu dog.

    Chesapeake Harness by Baydog

    This lightweight harness for medium and large dogs is sturdy enough for heavy pullers, yet light and comfortable enough for daily walks and long hikes. Permium quality at a great price.

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  • A working hound dog wearing a rugged Ezydog convert harness in charcoal color. Hills and sunset in the background. color

    Convert Harness by EZYDOG

    Utility built for the outdoors. This sturdy harness for medium to large dogs is perfect for work and play, with many options to customize for your dog's job and needs.

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  • Liberty Bay Harness for Small Dogs

    For the tiny but adventurous dog! This step-in harness is machine-washable and counters pulling.

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Dog walking accessories

Convenient accessories for more enjoyoable walks with your dog. Everything you need when you're on the go, including poo bag dispensers, treat carriers, leash lights, and more.

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