• Hiking Dog Co's Dog First Aid Kit in camo resealable pouch. Contents are protected from the elements in the pouch.

    Dog First Aid Kit

    Our bestselling Dog First Aid kit is filled with supplies to care for your best canine friend. This kit is always buy-one-get-one-free. Customize your kit with optional add-ons to suit your dog's activities.

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  • Package of Kwik Stop Styptic Powder. Text on box reads "Helps stop bleeding fast & contains pain relieving Benzocaine."

    Stop minor bleeds quickly

    Unexpected injuries can happen any time. Be ready to treat minor bleeding with the leading styptic powder.

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  • Tick twister tick remover picks for dogs and people shown on a forest background.

    Control & remove ticks

    Always perform a full body check for ticks after spending time outdoors in a tick-heavy environment. Use a specialized tool to easily and safely remove ticks that are embedded in the skin. Perfect for dogs and people!

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