Tick Twister Tick Remover Set

Safely remove large or small ticks - for your dog or you!

Hike worry-free during tick season with all of our tick control solutions, including this set or tick removers. Remove ticks safely with these simple-to-use picks. Usage instructions included on package. These ticks offer the best and safest way to remove ticks.

  • Note: Color assortment is random
  • Made in France

Tick Removal Cautions

  • Your main aims are to remove the tick promptly, to remove all parts of the tick’s body and to prevent it from releasing additional saliva or regurgitating its stomach contents into the bite wound.
  • DO save the tick in a container in case a doctor or veterinarian asks for evidence that you have been bitten (label the container with date and location).
  • DO NOT squeeze the body of the tick, as this may cause the head and body to separate, leaving the head embedded in the skin.
  • DO NOT use your fingernails to remove a tick. Infection can enter via any breaks in your skin, e.g., close to the fingernail.
  • DO NOT crush the tick’s body, as this may cause it to regurgitate its infected stomach contents into the bite wound.
  • DO NOT try to burn the tick off, apply petroleum jelly, nail polish, or any other chemical. Any of these methods can cause discomfort to the tick, resulting in regurgitation or saliva release.