Alpine All-Weather Dog Coat

A black & white GSP dog wearing a red & black Alpine All Weather Dog Coat.

Our bestselling dog coat

The Alpine All-Weather coat is our bestselling winter dog coat. It's perfect for chilly to cold days and a great value at a great price.

Available in multiple bright color combinations, this dog coat will help your furry friend stay warm on walks in the fall, winter, and early spring months. Reflective piping helps them stay visible in low light or foggy conditions.

The Alpine Dog Coat comes in several color combinations, including raspberry plaid, black & white plaid, blue plaid, and 2-color options including red/black and cobalt/iridescent green.

Movability. Doesn’t restrict your dog’s movement. Leg straps hold the back of the coat in place for super active dogs.
Warmth. Made with 3 layers: a waterproof outer shell, a fiber filled middle layer to hold body heat, and a fleece inner lining. Faux fur around the collar and a neck cinch help keep wind and weather out.
Durability. Will last through daily neighborhood walks and easy adventures. It’s not ideal for dogs who constantly roam through heavy underbrush where the coat will snag against branches or brambles.
Weather resistance. Outer shell is made from waterproof polyester. It will keep covered areas dry in light to moderate snow or rain showers. Seams are not closed with waterproof tape, so it won’t keep out a heavy downpour.

Sizes to fit small dogs and large dogs

From 4 lbs to 120lbs (or more, depending on chest size), it's made to fit dogs from teacup to gentle giant size. For large chests or bellies, extension straps are available to add 3-6 inches of length to the chest strap.

(Note: 4XL and 5XL not shown)