Triangular Bandage, Single Pack - Hiking Dog Co.

Triangular Bandage, Single Pack

  Helps A Dog In Need

This multi-purpose bandage is a must-have for any adventure dog.  It's an ultra-lightweight, versatile item with the following uses:

Medical Uses

  • As a sling to support sprained joints
  • To create a splint for broken bone(s)
  • To secure dressing in place or cover bleeding wound
  • As a dog muzzle if needed (instructions included with bandage)
  • As a cover to protect eye injuries from additional damage due to weather or debris

Non-Medical Uses

  • Filtering water
  • Fire-starter
  • Face mask (Warning: This item is not a surgical-grade mask)

Made from 100% cotton, bandage measures 36" x 36" x 51" and includes two safety pins.

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