Weekly Tails - Current Happenings

Weekly Tails - Current Happenings

#2020 brought us an early snowfall and that familiar sound of winter. We watched the first fall of snow. It can't be time already for the boots. Heather hasn't even pulled all the scarves out.




This week we launched a Scout Jacket for our trail friendly dogs that like to push ahead of the pack. Suitable for any trail or even long urban hikes. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone that participated in the launch! (Psst - We had limited quantities and they're going fast! If you've been waiting to grab one, act soon. Find them in Dog Gear under Scout Jacket for Dogs)

New Arrivals

Musher's Secret Paw Wax

Musher's Secret  is a must-have for winter weather. Recommended as a favorite by active pet owners, it's a multi-purpose 'protect and treat' staple item. Made from a blend of food-grade waxes, it's non-toxic and can be applied to paws, ears, elbows, and snout as breathable barrier protection from harsh conditions. Add a few layers to prevent snowballing between paw pads. Also treats dry, cracked paws, hot spots, and more.

Coming Soon

Our holiday Gift Shop opens next month. Stay tuned for holiday shopping deals and gift bundles!

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