Paracord Pet Collar Instructions




    Paracord is incredibly versatile and a useful item to have along on any adventure. Shoelace breaks? Replace with paracord! Belt buckle breaks? Use paracord to tie the ends together. Need a quick way to attach a water bottle or keychain to your pack? Make a paracord  loop & knot!  The list goes on.

    This  DIY guide will teach you the cobra weave method to create a custom collar for your pet.. Mastering this technique opens up endless possibilities for crafting personalized gifts for your adventurous loved ones and their furry companions!

    *Note: Small pet collars will use the cobra weave method. Medium to extra large collars  will use the ‘king cobra’ weave, which uses the same cobra knots repeated 2X along the length of the collar.


    Included Materials

    For a XS-S pet collar:

    • 20 ft. of paracord
      • You can use 20 ft. of one color, or 10 ft each of two different color
    • ⅝ in. side release buckle
      • Note: For cat collars, a 5/8 in. breakaway buckle should be used to help avoid neck strain or strangulation in case the collar gets stuck on something. Hiking Dog Co. carries collar kits for cats; if you purchased a dog collar kit from us  you can visit us to get a breakaway buckle or purchase one separately to use with this kit.
    • ⅝ in. metal D ring

    *If using your own paracord, you need 1 ft per inch of  collar. The collar should be 2 inches longer than your pet’s neck measurement to allow sufficient room to slip two fingers between the collar and the pet’s neck. 

    For a M-XL pet collar

    • 60 ft of paracord
      • You can use 60 ft of one color, or 30 ft each of two different colors
    • 1 in. side release buckle
    • 1 in. metal D ring


    • Scissors
    • Lighter
    • Ruler
    • Tape



    Fold your length of paracord in half. 

    • If using two colors, you’ll start by joining the ends of the two color cords together. Trim one end of each cord on an angle. Use a lighter to melt the angled ends. While still melted and hot, squeeze the melted ends together and hold them until they cool. Then fold near the joint. 


    Thread the fold through the female side of the buckle.  


    Push the buckle through the loop of cord and pull the cord until tight.


    Thread the loose ends through the male buckle piece. Be careful in this step to make sure the paracord strands are parallel and do not twist or cross over each other. 


    Set the size of the collar by sliding the buckle along the cords and stopping at the correct length. Loop the loose ends of paracord through the buckle one more time to secure the length. You can tape the loops to the buckle  to help hold the buckle in place while you tie the first knot.


    Lay your collar vertically, so the buckle piece with the loose ends is at the TOP. 

    If you’re using two colors, decide which color you want to be the PRIMARY color - this color will be on the inside of the weave pattern. If you’re using two colors, start making each knot with the PRIMARY color.

    If you’re using a single color, start each knot on the opposite side. For example, if you begin with the strand on the right for your first knot, then start with the strand on your left for your second knot, right for your third knot, and so on.


    Begin your first cobra knot. Cross the PRIMARY / SIDE 1 color  over the middle two cords and place the SECONDARY / SIDE 2 color over it.


    Bring the SECONDARY / SIDE 2 color behind the middle two cords and thread it up through the PRIMARY / SIDE 1 loop.



    Before pulling this first knot tight, pinch the cords right at the base of the buckle to hold them in place so the length won’t change when you pull the cord tight. Then tighten your knot. 


    Remeasure your collar to make sure it’s still the correct length before moving on. If it’s off, untie the first knot, adjust the length, and repeat.


    Repeat steps 7-9, but mirrored. 



    Continue this pattern until the knots cover all but about ½” of the inner cords. 


    If you’re making an XS-S collar, proceed to  step 13.


    If you’re making a M-XL collar, complete the king cobra collar step below.

    King cobra collar
    Continue making knots until you reach the female buckle. 
    Rotate the collar 180° so the end where you left off is at the top. 
    Starting with your PRIMARY color, continue making cobra knots back down the length of the collar, tying the knots around the existing cobra weave. Continue until you’re about ½” from the end of the collar. Proceed to step 13.



    Slip the D ring over the loose ends of paracord.



    Continue tying knots until you reach the end of the collar.


    Once you’ve reached the end of the collar, cut each end of paracord, leaving about ¼” tail. 


    Melt the ends of the paracord with a lighter, then squeeze the ends flat against the collar. This will prevent fraying and will keep the end from sliding loose.


    Enjoy your collar!