Our Mission

To Save Dogs and Protect Parks. 2% of profits go towards animal rescue groups and preserving trails. We're proudly partnered with the Arizona Humane Society and the American Hiking Society.

Fact No. 1 Each year, 3.3 million dogs enter a homeless shelter.

Arizona Humane Society

For nearly 60 years, the Arizona Humane Society has been committed to improving the lives of animals and serving its community. The AHS believes that every pet deserves a good life. With a vision to end animal suffering, AHS helps rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals.

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American Hiking Society

American Hiking Society works with Congress and federal agencies to shape public policy and legislation affecting hiking. Our efforts ensure funding for hiking trails, the preservation of natural areas and the protection of hiking experiences.

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Fact No. 2 Each year, 70 million pounds of trash litter our Parklands.