🎉 Congratulations, Adventurous Explorer!

You've conquered the challenge, unraveling each clue and navigating the aisles with determination. Your triumph is well-earned!

Now, it's time to claim your reward. Please fill out the entry form to secure your chance at winning one of the drawing prizes. Remember to indicate your desired treasure from our enticing selection: a Hiking Dog Co. t-shirt of your choice (any tee or tank available in our store*), the lavastone beaded bracelet with a delightful paw charm, the trusty DRINCO water bottle, or the unique and personalized PupPic coloring page + frame.

But that's not all! As a testament to your accomplishment, be sure to visit the checkout counter to collect your goodie bag.

Remember, each day brings new possibilities, and we'll be selecting three winners daily. So, best of luck on your prize selection, and may your adventure continue to bring you joy, laughter, and perhaps even more surprises!

Well done, and happy trails on your next adventure! 🌟

 *If we don't have a tank or tee in the size/color option you like, we'll create one for you within 1-3 business days!


To participate in our drawing for the exciting treasure hunt prizes, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Completion of the Treasure Hunt:

Successfully complete the treasure hunt by following the clues and obtaining your well-earned goodie bag at the checkout counter.

2. Entry Form Submission: Fill out the entry form above. The entry form requires the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address or Phone Number

3. Contact Information: Kindly provide a valid email address or phone number to ensure we can promptly notify you in the event you are selected as a lucky winner.

4. Prize Selection: Indicate your desired prize from the available options: a Hiking Dog Co. t-shirt (any short sleeve tshirt from this link or available in our store), lavastone beaded bracelet with a paw charm, DRINCO water bottle, or a personalized PupPic colorable page.

5. Eligibility: The drawing is open to all treasure hunt participants who complete the hunt and submit the required information.

6. Daily Selection of Winners: Each day (Saturday 10-28 & Sunday 10-29), three winners will be chosen randomly from the entries received. Winners will be notified via the provided email or phone number.

7. Prize Collection: Winners must claim their selected prize in-store by November 5, 2023. Unclaimed prizes will result in forfeiture.

8. General Terms: No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or an alternative reward.

By submitting the entry form, you agree to abide by the outlined rules and understand that compliance with these rules is necessary for eligibility in the drawing.

Thank you for participating in our adventure-filled treasure hunt and best of luck in the drawing for our exciting prizes! 🎁🐶✨