Comic & Toy Show Treasure Hunt

Welcome all adventurers to an exciting escapade through the thrilling aisles of our store dedicated to outdoor gear for your beloved dogs! Ready your phones and keen minds as we embark on a treasure hunt like no other.

Amidst the racks of rugged backpacks, playful chew toys, and canine camping essentials, a treasure trove awaits discovery. As you navigate the wilderness of our store, a goodie bag packed with surprises is the prize for the tenacious seekers who can follow the trail of 4 clues to the elusive treasure.

Complete the hunt to lay claim to a goodie bag and earn a raffle entry for prizes, including  a Hiking Dog Co. t-shirt (choose any tee or tank in store*), a lavastone bracelet adorned with a precious paw charm, a sturdy DRINCO water bottle for adventures ahead, or a unique PupPic colorable page + frame. This personalized masterpiece is created just for you—snap a photo of your canine companion, and we'll craft a custom coloring page with a frame, celebrating the unique spirit of your pet.

Let the journey begin— travelers and adventurers, unite!

Seek the start by scanning the QR code on the Super Dogs! tag on this cart to unveil your first clue in this thrilling treasure hunt. Each clue also has a bonus - a story about a super dog in history. 

 *If we don't have a tank or tee in the size/color option you like, we'll create one for you within 1-3 business days!


Our first Super Dog story is about Trakr, a brave German Shepherd dog.

"Trakr, the remarkable German Shepherd from Canada, trained as a police dog in Halifax where he uncovered more than $1m in stolen goods and located missing people but it was Trakr’s bravery on September 11, 2001, that forever etched his name in history.

When news of the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. reached Trakr's handler, James Symington, the Nova Scotia police officer was compelled to act. James and Trakr jumped into a van for the 14-hour cross-border journey to Ground Zero and joined first responders searching the rubble for survivors. They focused on a specific pile of debris from the north tower.

That’s where, in the early morning hours of September 12, Trakr made a momentous discovery. His keen senses led him to the scent of a survivor buried beneath the surface. Trakr’s tail went stiff and his excitement alerted other rescue workers who homed in on the area.

The last survivor was Genelle Guzman, a 30-year-old office worker who’d been on the 64th floor of the north tower when the first plane struck. Guzman made her way to the 13th floor before the tower collapsed, burying her alive. She awoke on September 12 in darkness, trapped between broken slabs of concrete. Thanks to Trakr's keen nose and the dedication of the rescue teams, Guzman was pulled from the rubble."