Brand Elements Kit and Guidelines

Hiking Dog Co. brand elements, including company name, logo, media, and all other elements may only be used with express written permission from Hiking Dog Co.

If you've been given permission to use our brand elements, follow the guidelines below.

1. LOGOS. The Hiking Dog Co. logos may never be used in a way that implies endorsement or partnership if these relationships do not exist. Logos MAY NOT be modified with color changes or by adding/eliminating portions of the logo.

You may resize our logos if necessary, but only in a way that preserves the logo's aspect ratio. In other words, you must scale the height and width proportionally, so that the logo is not stretched out along one axis (but not the other) or distorted after resizing. Additionally, resizing must not negatively impact the quality of the logo by introducing pixelation or artifacts (this happens when you increase the size and the image gets 'fuzzy.') If you need a larger version of our logo, please let us know and we will help.

You must receive express written permission to add our logos to any/all items for sale.

2. COMPANY NAME. The Hiking Dog Co. company name may be used to describe your partnership with us. However, all references must be accurate and honest. 

3. SOURCE MATERIALS. Only materials provided by us may be used. This includes logos, media, and text. Please email us at to request access to these files.

We will provide source materials in a variety of sizes, colors, and layouts that should meet your needs. If you need something other than what is provided, please let us know and we will accommodate your request if possible (we do not guarantee this accommodation, nor do we commit to any date for completion of your request, unless otherwise specified in our correspondence).