About Us

Hiking Dog Co. was started in Arizona with a vision to bring hikers with dogs together to protect our trails, learn how to safely navigate the outdoors with their dogs, and to use the power of community to help dogs in need.

We love our State Parks & National Parks trails and even better - taking our canine companion along for the adventure!

To help make a difference in the world, we donate a portion of all proceeds from Hiking Dog Co. to help preserve US Parklands, and to support Animal Rescue Groups!


hiking dog co arizona bodhi blue heeler
Bodhi the Blue Heeler (San Tan Mountain Valley)

It all began in Phoenix, Arizona...

Our founder moved to Arizona with Bodhi, a 9 month old Blue Heeler puppy (Australian Cattle Dog) and couldn't wait to hit the nearby mountain trails with his energetic companion!

The trails are so beautiful in Arizona - but like many public recreation areas - they were littered with trash, including dog waste.

Disappointed with the ignorance of these nature-trashers, he set out to spread awareness to leave no trace behind on the trail, encourage proper hiking dog training, and to help save dogs in need!

After meeting the neighbors, he realized there are SO many people with a true passion for hiking with dogs. And not just in Arizona, but all over the world!

Hiking Dog Co. was founded to bring these hiking dog owners together around their common passion.

In 2020, Hiking Dog Co. moved to Iowa and began expanding our offerings based on common requests and needs of our community of hiking & dog lovers. We opened our first brick & mortar location and have enjoyed meeting you and your dogs ever since!

Our mission is to promote outdoor dog safety, owner responsibility, and to get more people outside hiking with their dogs!

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Save A Trail. Save A Tail.
Hiking Dog Co.