Happy National Sticker Day, 2022!

Happy National Sticker Day, 2022!

Did you know!

The history of stickers isn't thoroughly documented, but historians typically point to an origin in the 1800s when merchants used gum paste to attach prices to their wares. The process improved and in the early 1900s stamps were attached using a sticker-specific paste that could be dampened and applied.

Then in 1935 a man by the name of Ray Stanton Avery invented the first commercially available self-adhesive label. It was called the "Kum Kleen Pricer Sticker."

Does his name sound familiar? You've probably seen Avery brand address labels in the office supply section of your favorite store! That's right - Avery's invention of the self-adhesive label led to the formation of the Avery Dennison Corporation, which is going strong today.

National Sticker day occurs on January 13th, in honor of R. Stanton Avery's birthday. 

Here at Hiking Dog Co, we're cheerfully participating by including one of our Hiking Dog Co stickers with every order shipped today through the end of the weekend (Sunday, January 16, 2022). 

Happy Adventures!

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