The Ultimate Guide of Dog Hiking Gear

The Ultimate Guide of Dog Hiking Gear

Have you been searching for the most essential dog gear for hiking?

Whether your goal is to outfit a new puppy, or upgrade the gear for an experienced adventure dog, the amount of available products can be overwhelming.

From dog backpacks, harnesses, leashes, collars, GPS, LED lights, and even travel dog beds, the options are endless.

You can find any sort of creature comfort to align with your level of hiking, camping, or dare I say..."glamping" with your dog.

So, where do you start?

Luckily, we asked over 1,000 dog hiking enthusiasts to help put together this Dog Hiking Gear List with the best items for your canine adventures.


Dog Carrier Backpack

It's safe to say that most of us don't have the grit to carry our dog after he or she's reached physical exhaustion. A Dog Carrying Backpack will save you from carrying your dog home (sometimes many miles) after you've exerted him. A couple options include a traditional Dog Carrying Backpack and a Sling.

Collapsible Water Bowl

Collapsible dog bowls are amazing when you’re taking your dog along with you for a long road trip or out on vacations. Many dog handlers will use these travel dog bowls at dog shows, too. Most Nylon Water Bowls come with a carabiner which is convenient for traveling with your pup.

2-1 Water Bottle and Dispenser

Clip On LED Collar Light

Taking the pooch out for a walk at night time puts you into the minority of dog walkers, but it certainly can be a fun and relaxing experience, but it does present some risks and challenges for you and your pet. To ensure that others see your pup at night, we recommend an LED Collar Light.

Poop Bags

Rather to be safe than sorry with this one. You don't want to be caught leaving your dog's duty on a public trail. Besides leaving a mess for someone else to clean up, some public parks can fine you for leaving poop on the trail! Poop bags are extremely cheap and easy to carry, when in doubt always carry more than you need.

Dog Life Jacket

Dogs are great swimmer, but even the best paddlers can’t swim for long, and should an unfortunate disaster occur while out at sea, your dog would have no better chance of swimming to safety than you would. Dog Life Vests are also a great idea for water activities around lakes. 

Dog Grooming Wipes

Not only will your dog become physically tired from a hike, he will almost always be dirty! It's a good idea to have some dog grooming wipes at your disposal. There's are a great way to ensure your car doesn't get dirty or if you plan on going into public places after your hike.

Musher's Paw Wax

To many pet parents, dog paw wax may seem unnecessary; but, believe it or not, it’s actually an extremely beneficial product. It nourishes those dry, chapped paws and helps to shield them from rugged terrain and extreme temperatures.

Training Treats

A dog is often stimulated when exposed to a new atmosphere. It can be hard to command even the most disciplined dog in a new environment. Having training treats available ensures that your dog avoids wandering and potentially getting lost.


Travel Dog Bed

Your dog will thank you for this one. Aside from giving them a comfortable place to sleep, dogs are often nervous when sleeping somewhere new for the first time. A travel dog bed can help reduce anxiety by making them feel comfortable in a new environment.

Shampoo Wash

If doing an overnight hike, you can almost guarantee that your dog will need to be cleaned! Carry shampoo wash with you to ensure that your pup stays nice and clean!

Dog Travel Bag

Traveling overnight? You won't be the only one with baggage! A dog travel bag is a convenient way to keep all of your dogs accessories organized. 

Your dog can help carry their own accessories with a rugged dog backpack. Look for a pack made of durable materials that are breathable to keep your dog cool and comfortable, like this Ranger Pack.

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