Current Happenings and Weekly Tails - 11/22

Current Happenings and Weekly Tails - 11/22

#greatideas Keep those great ideas coming in. What a week!

Wow, why didn't we think of that?

This week we introduced two ideas brought up by our fans. The first is putting in stickers in the gift shop. The second was adding paypal support to the store. Keep those ideas coming in. Catch us on

Holiday Gift Shop is LIVE!

Holiday Gift Shop - Adventure Gear and Holiday Cheer!

Our Holiday Gift Shop is live! We'll be adding specials and new gift ideas regularly over the next couple of weeks.
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New Arrivals

Hiking Dog Co. Knit Beanie

Hiking Dog Co Beanie Preview

Stay warm out there! Our new Hiking Dog Co. Knit Beanie features an embroidered logo and includes 3 colors for you to choose from.

Ready to order today!

 We're Open!


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Dog Bowl (collapsible dish):
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